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rate good!

it almost makes watching the numbers 1 through 10 a very interesting thing to do.
did you get a good grade?
btw i think you should have made a really long credits scene so you can listen to the rest of the song of course because this was only the intro :O

WirelessTaco responds:

Watching numbers 1 through 10 interesting.... sounds like sesame street!! Yup I got the A and had the best animation in the class. Hmm.... a ridiculously long credits for 2 people.....sounds like fun. Your song is great, without it the animation would suck. Thanks for the review!

Very good!

all parts were very very good, and i loved the fanart, especially the flash made by bigexplosions!

Greeting from ngcollabs!

Temariix responds:

Thanks for the review! ^_^ Cheers from NG to NGC! lol

haha, Really good

Awesome music man! hehe.. I didn't think anyone would use that song in a submission, but it fits in really good!
the movie was rate good! I vote 5!

McMichi responds:

Hi man, thanks for your review and special thanks for the musik :D

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Heart breaking..

This game gave me the weird feeling in your belly you get when you think of that special person :) It made me think for hours and hours of how to beat the game, and after a really really long time I finally got it, the solution was just one click of the mouse away for all that time, and I just couldn't figure it out..
now I play this game whenever i feel the urge to calm down a bit.
(it also made me think of the game "heroine hero" where you catch the dragon, you know?)

nice, but a bit slow

I really like the fight system, how you can time the jump and attacks!
It could be my pc, but I think you should make it a bit faster. also it would be a really good idea to make some kind of tutorial, because it's hard to find out you have to press enter to talk, but overall a really good game. and oh, before I forget:

add sound!!

so: tutorial, game speed, sound


It was awesome!
I loved the stylish jumps, and the music too, you could've improved the artwork though

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nice melody

please do something with the crappy piano sound, and make the bassline less static


but shut the fart up

Rig responds:

buddum KISH
That bass was fun to make. :3

Casio, please get back to making calculators

but besides from your casio keyboard it's an awesome song!
who are you before you were deleted or something or are you nobody?

trashcanman responds:

im am yo momma fagut

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